Robot-Assisted Total Hip Replacement
...because life is calling.

Offering Total Hip Replacement with Innovative Robot-Assisted Technology

Using an interactive 3D model of your actual hip joints, the surgeon pre-plans the entire procedure with advanced precision specific to the conditions of the patient's unique physical needs before an incision is even made.

The surgeon then follows this personalized surgical plan to prepare the bone for the implant, guiding the robot within the pre-defined areas and specially selected measurements outlined in the pre-operative plan. If changes are needed during the procedure, the surgeon has full control to make adjustments as needed.

The surgeon performs the procedure. The robot is simply an innovative tool to help provide advanced precision. 

Performing the surgery with the assistance of the programmed robot results in smaller incisions and increased retention of more natural tissue.

Diseased Hip (left) Replaced Joint (right)

Hip in need of Hip Replacement

Hip joint after replacement

For robotic-assisted total or partial joint replacement, make an appointment with one of the surgeons who can perform the procedure. You may need a referral from your physician, depending on your insurance provider.

Call 800-424-DOCS for a list of Mako Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement surgeons in the Midlands.  

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