The Heart of the Patient Experience

April 27, 2018

Patient Experience is Important at Providence Health

Providence Health’s mission is Making Communities Healthier by Extending Christ’s Healing Ministry, and that starts with providing the highest quality care possible to you, our neighbors in this wonderful community we call home. A big part of delivering healthcare you can count on is creating positive experiences for patients and their families – starting from the moment you walk through the hospital doors. Ensuring positive patient experiences has always been, and will continue to be, a top priority for Providence.

This week – April 23-27 – was Patient Experience Week, an annual national event designed to honor the outstanding work of those who are impacting the patient experience and to inspire them in their ongoing efforts to create the best possible patient experiences. Providence Health's employees are at the heart of a vision to create places where people choose to come for healthcare, and I am so proud of each and every one of them – from physicians, nurses and medical staff to hospital leadership and administrative staff to those who serve in our cafeteria and those who make sure the hospital is clean and welcoming for your visit. Through their tireless efforts to make patients and families feel well cared for and safe, they are making a positive difference every day.

Your voice as a patient is extremely important to Providence. In fact, the staff here considers you to be an important member of your healthcare team. When you need care, Providence Health's team members make every effort to involve you and your family in your care through activities such as bedside shift report. Instead of private conversations outside of your room, providers at Providence exchange important information about your health and care plan right at your bedside. This provides an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions, voice concerns and share valuable feedback with us about your experience and treatment.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Tell your nurse or a member of your care team if something doesn’t feel right. The more information you have, the more you will understand your treatment and the better you will feel about making decisions related to your care. When a provider or medical staff member gives you instructions or an explanation related to your care, consider repeating what you heard to confirm your understanding of the treatment plan.

By keeping patients and their families at the center of care, and encouraging them to play a vital role in the treatment, Providence Health creates a safe and comfortable environment for everyone who walks through its doors.