Obtaining Your Medical Records

There are several ways to obtain your medical records.  Effective July 6, we will be accepting walk-ins. However, if you would rather not visit our offices you may also obtain your records online or through the mail. 


Use your patient portal to access and download your medical records. 

If you do not have access or need help accessing your patient portal, please call 803-256-5575, option 2 or
email myhealthechart@providencehospitals.com or go to website www.yourprovidencehealth.com/for-patients-visitors/patient-portal


If you are the patient, the authorization form needs to be completed, signed, and dated by you. A copy of your photo ID with the completed authorization form will need to be returned to the address/fax number below.

If the request is for someone other than yourself, a healthcare power of attorney and the requestor’s photo ID needs to accompany the completed authorization form. Healthcare power of attorney paperwork expires after a patient is deceased.

To obtain medical information for a deceased patient, a personal representative or certificate of appointment (with visible seal) from the probate court and a copy of the death certificate must accompany the completed authorization form along with the requestor’s photo ID.

For immediate continuity of care, your healthcare provider can request records. The physician’s office must fax a written request on their letterhead to the fax numbers listed below indicating the patient’s name, date of birth, and date of visit to the facility. Please indicate “STAT” for urgent requests. 

You can request records in either CD format or paper copies. Please be advised that there is a charge for records. An invoice will be mailed to the address listed on the authorization form, along with payment instructions.

If additional assistance is needed, please call the Providence Health Records office.

Providence Health-Downtown      
2435 Forest Dr.                                               
Columbia, SC 29204                                     
P: 803-256-5722                                          
F: 803-400-5065                                             

 Providence Health-Northeast                                       
120 Gateway Corporate Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29203
P: 803-865-4681
F: 803-227-4181