Helping to Ensure the Best Possible Surgical Outcome

PRE-ADMISSION TESTING is located in both Providence Health hospital buildings.

  • Downtown Campus PAT - 2435 Forest Dr, Columbia, SC 29203 - Ph: (803) 256-5774 
  • Northeast Campus PAT - 120 Gateway Corp. Blvd., Columbia, SC 29203 - Ph: (803) 865-4641

Pre-admission testing at Providence Heallth

Pre-Admission Testing ("PAT") helps patients achieve the best surgical outcome by making sure the patient is physically ready for the procedure and recovery process.

A scheduled surgery cannot be performed without the completion of Pre-Admission Testing.

A surgery may be scheduled by the surgeon, but whether or not patient can have the procedure on the scheduled day depends on the patient's physical readiness. The surgeon relies on PAT to help determine this.

During PAT, a nurse reviews the patient's health history, allergies and medication. The patient may also have blood drawn or an EKG performed. If anesthesia will be required, an anesthesiologist will look at the patient's profile to make sure he/she are fit for its unique demands. Also, if the patient's physician has ordered medical clearances from other specialists (heart, nephrology, oncology, internist, dental, etc.) the patient is asked to obatin those clearances prior to PAT.

Pre-Registration and Pre-Admission Testing are not the same.

Just as we want to ensure the best clinical outcome, we also want to ensure the best financial outcome for our patients. By pre-registering you will learn of any financial responsibilities and be offered payment arrangements to best meet your needs. You can pre-register online here, or you can do it over the telephone by calling (803) 256-5850 Monday through Friday betwee 8AM and 4PM.

After pre-registration, you will be connected to or contacted by a representative from pre-admission testing.

Patients must complete both Pre-Registration AND Pre-Admission Testing at least 48 hours before surgery. 

Downtown Campus PAT
M-F, 7:30A to 4P
2435 Forest Dr
Columbia, SC 29203
ph: (803) 256-5774

Northeast Campus PAT
M-F, 7:00A to 5:30P
120 Gateway Corp. Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29203
ph: (803) 865-4641

Researching for a friend or loved one? Click here for a printable sheet about PAT.