When God Calls, the answer is YES!

June 6, 2018

by Karlin Ferguson, Marketing Coordinator for Providence Health

We’ve all had moments when God has spoken so clearly about a plan. At the time, the path may be unclear or task seem impossible, but there is always the reassurance that He will fill in the gaps. At first, you may fight your calling, coming up with every excuse as to why this is not for you or why this is not the right time. Your excuses are weak in comparison to strength of God’s ultimate plan.

A fellow co-worker has documented the call that has been placed on him and his family that to some may seem overwhelming, but to him, it’s just what he is supposed to be doing.

Many of you know Chris Cavin, System Engineer Manager in the IT Department, when you see him walking the halls at each hospital location. He is the guy responsible for managing both of the hospital datacenters and keeping our systems up and running. 

What you may not know about Chris is that he and his family of five are in the midst of adopting a little girl from China to become the newest member of their family. This urge to adopt began over two years ago in March 2016. While most people would run and hide at the thought of expanding their family to 6, Chris knew this was no “baby fever,” this was a call – a call that he had to answer with a “Yes”.

Throughout this journey, there have been an exorbitant number of tests of faith, trust and adherence to God’s word. Long interviews, long document forms to complete, long wait times for approvals, and long visits to meet their future child has brought this family to today.  Two and a half years later, they have been approved to adopt their little girl and bring her home!

To see more details of Chris’s journey, check out his blog at: Https://lovedchosenadopted.wordpress.com

Chris and his family truly appreciate your support and have to be uplifted and kept in prayer, specifically for:

- Travel and the cost associated with travel this time of year.

- Selah is 5 1/2 years old and speaks Mandarin. So, our ability to communicate with her. 

- She has been in an orphanage since she was four months old. Pray for her attachment to us and her acceptance of us

- Pray for her medical needs and that we would find the right doctors to help her.