During Occupational Therapy Month: We're Here to Help

April 18, 2020

by Beth Reeves, Director
Rehabilitation Services, Providence Health

As we celebrate our profession’s 102nd year, like everyone else COVID 19 is at the forefront of our minds.  Since 1917 Occupational Therapists have assisted patients to maximize their performance of activities of daily life (ADLs) despite disabilities.

COVID-19 is affecting our patients in many ways. These patients specifically, may be at a higher risk for delirium. Numerous studies on hospital-acquired delirium and acute psychosis have identified the risk factors and would indicate the best way to treat delirium is prevention.

OT’s have a unique role in functional re-training, both vocational (ADLS) and cognitive/visual-perceptual skill facilitation. COVID 19 presents an opportunity for OT, PT, and SLP to use their skills to mitigate the detrimental effects of isolation, extended hospital stays and disease processes that can result in an onset of acute delirium.

The rehab department is focusing on partnering with nursing and other members of the IDC  team to provide assistance on early identification of high-risk patients. Our goal is to provide education for functional activities for patients to complete throughout the day to regain and maintain independence in ADLs.

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