Providence Hosts Educational Luncheon Series on Diabetes in honor of American Diabetes Month

October 24, 2017

In honor of American Diabetes Education Month, Providence Health is hosting a special FREE educational luncheon series to discuss blood sugar and how to manage it with a variety of tools. 

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Diabetes can be frustrating and confusing. Blood sugar levels are affected not just by what you eat, but also by stress, time of day, physical activity, medications, and more. Providence Health has developed a new Providence Talks! educational series to help you understand each of these factors, as well as how they interact, featuring industry specialists presenting in an open Q&A setting. All events take place of the Providence Health downtown campus in the first floor classroom between noon and 1PM. 

diabetes education in Columbia SC at Providence HealthThe series is separated into four categories, each with their own carb-friendly luncheon date. 

Wednesday, Nov. 1

What you may have: The physiological impact and medical treatment options of diabetes
--presented by Andrew Fields, NP-C

In this session, provider Andrew Fields will explain what Diabetes is, how it effects your body, and what medical treatment options are available. This is an event not to be missed for anyone who has the disease or is caring for someone with the disease. 

Wednesday, Nov. 8

What you can do: The effect of exercise on your blood sugar level
--presented by Julie Rieger, Exercise Specialist

In this session, Exercise Specialist Julie Rieger will explain why exercise effects your blood sugar as well as how to incorporate activity that will benefit you into your busy lifestyle. If you or someone you care for has diabetes, this event will help you learn more about the under-used tool of exercise to aid with blood sugar control.

Wednesday, Nov. 15

What you should eat: Dietary tips for blood sugar management
--presented by Kay "KayMac" MacInnis, RDN, LD

In this session, Registered Dietitian Kay MacInnis will explain the effects of different foods on a diabetic system. She will provide information on how to eat to manage healthy blood sugar levels specific to those with diabetes. If you or someone you care for has diabetes, this is an important event to help better understand the management of carbs and blood sugar control.

Wednesday, Nov. 29

How to think about it: Guidance on mindfully managing the stress
--presented by Cheryl Stevenson, LPC

In this session, Licensed Professonal Counselor Cheryl Stevenson will address the emotional struggles associated with the frustrations and complications of managing a chronic condition like Diabetes. She will teach tactics to manage the stress and bring joy back into your life. This is an important class for all who have the disease or who care for someone with diabetes because the emotional stress and mental health concerns are too often overlooked.  


  • Valet parking at the main hospital entrance
  • Free carb-friendly lunch 

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