Physician Opportunities at Providence Health

The Doctor Life You Dreamed of Awaits at Providence Health

When you were choosing your career path, you envisioned a future of healing, maybe even saving lives, in a facility recognized for outstanding quality. You may have envisioned living in a community that offered comfort, beauty, leisure and opportunity. You may have seen yourself leading the charge for innovation within your community. You probably also hoped to be able to give patient-focused care, assisted by a solid team of cohesive staff, coupled with good compensation and professional influence. Providence Health offers all of this... more!

Family Matters

First of all, Providence Health values not just physicians, but their families, too. Staff works with providers to ensure a long-term fit in the practice and community. Continuously fostering strong relationships with physicians, this initiative extends well beyond the job search "dating period" into the moving process, through the practice years, and into retirement. "Our physicians and their families become part of our family," says Libby Anne Inabinet, Physician Relations Specialist at Providence. "They know it and they feel it."

Location location location

Located in Columbia, the historic and lush capital of South Carolina, you will find yourself surrounded by hospitality, culture, and opportunity of all kinds in this charming yet progressive southern city.

Click here to learn more about Columbia, SC, and why you want to live and work here. 


Nationally recognized for quality care, Providence Health was named one of the best hospitals in the State by U.S. News & World Report, in addition to other top national recognitions and awards for quality care and outcomes. It is also the only hospital in the named in the most recent surgical quality recognitions by the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP®), where its high scores placed it in the top 10% of the 680 participating hospitals. As a faith-based hospital, Providence recognizes each person as a gift from God. Therefore, the staff respects one another as well as their patients and families. As a result, Providence Health has the highest patient-experience ranking in its region.

Providence Health welcomes innovation, as seen by its introduction of the MitraClip, the WATCHMAN Implant and TAVR to the Midlands, as well as its participation in exciting new procedures such as this one helping to change the life of patients with Parkinson's Disease. 

Support through Communication

Physicians at Providence Health are supported by outstanding clinical staff in the operating room and veteran industry leadership in the boardroom. The executive team at Providence Health believes in open lines of communication among all staff, and its methods for feedback ensure that top-level leadership is accountable and responsive to employee interests.

Physicians at Providence Health receive a wide array of marketing opportunities, including prime-time television HealthBreaks (like the one seen below), print advertising, author-assisted blogs, speaking engagements, and more.

For more information about what's available, contact: 
Regional Director of Physician Recruitment, ​Abbie Morey
980.689.5214 (o) • 704.903.2782 (c)

And let's not forget, we have fun!

General Surgery team at Providence Health for Red Nose Day
General Surgery team at Providence Health
Red Nose Day