LifeTalent HealthStream Learning Center (HLC)

The LifeTalent HLC is a web-based program that allows our employees to have online access to educational programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Training is available on EMTALA, HIPAA, Cultural Competencies, Mandatory Education and much more.

Here’s the best part…you can take the courses anywhere as long as you can access a computer!

Learn online with LifeTalentTo access LifeTalent outside of the hospital, visit:

Step 1:

To log on:

  • Your User ID is your 3-4 ID. (The same login you use to access E-Stub.) (Example – ABC1234).
  • Your initial password is: Lifepoint1 (Case Sensitive).
  • If you are a Contract Employee, your User ID is the first four letters of your last name (in all CAPS) and the last four numbers of your Social Security  Number (Example – SMIT1234). Your initial password is Lifepoint1 (Case Sensitive).

Step 2:

When you log on you will be directed to the “My Learning” Tab. This page displays your mandatory and elective education modules that need to be completed.
To enroll in additional elective learning modules, click on the “Catalog” Tab.

Step 3:

Completed courses are displayed under the “My Transcript” Tab. Certifications of Completion can also be printed at the conclusion of each course.

We think you'll find it simple and fun to use... so log on and enjoy!

For questions, please contact Clinical Education at (803) 256-5647.